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new spin on 'favorite bands' thread

a few people here mentioned theres a "Favorite bands" thread here every month... I agree.... I'm going to put a different spin on it

name some local (to you, wherever you are) bands, any musical genre, that are a good night out to go and see in a club. This will expose bands to people out of area, and here is a chance for self exposure for some

any additional info on said bands would again help to promote/expose bands and maybe turn some fellow members on to a band they might not have otherwise heard of

I live in the Vi... er ah, Niagara Region in southern Ontario Canada:

-Sound the Alarm
-Screaming Black Cadillacs
-run with the kittens
-LMT Connection
-the Silverhearts
-the morning after (after doing a google search I found at least 3 other bands that call themselves "morning after" or "the morning after"... none of them were the band I saw out in a local bar last night... but if yer around here and hear of a band by that name... they were pretty good)
-everything was perfect
-the Smoothies

Im sure theres plenty more I havent thought of... this is just off of the top of my head (and I havent had a coffee yet today). I will add anyone else in in further replies... but I am really looking forward to seeing some replies in this thread

and of course everyone keep an eye on:
Information is not Knowledge, Knowledge is not Wisdom, Wisdom is not Truth, Truth is not Beauty, Beauty is not Love, Love is not Music, Music is the best


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