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Jay, brother, understand that no one here is your enemy, we are only trying to help you and it seems you even perceive that we are out to get you. =) I can assure you I have been in more trouble then you can imagine. And I have been as big of a knucklehead as you are now. Man, if you donít get that chip off your shoulder then you are in for a rough time. Those alternative schools are no joke. You can get your wig split in there. Stop worrying about things you canít control and focus on what you can. Go to that teacher tomorrow and tell him exactly what I told you to. That will be the start of rectifying your short term problem. Your long term problems will take long term solutions. You have a rep as a trouble maker. Call yourself a rebel or whatever name makes you feel better, but it boils down to your inability to conform to the authority that is ordained over you. I donít know what your parents are doing, I am guessing they used ďtime outĒ when you were coming up, but they need to keep their feet in your *** about 23 hours out of the day. If they are not going to do that, then you will have to step up and become a man without them. Take responsibility for your actions. You know the rules, if you break them accept your punishment. And furthermore, donít break them! We all want to see you do well, but you surely arenít with the attitude you have. And regardless of how old Emily is, you can learn from her. She is exceptional for her age. Her parents have done an amazing job!
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