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Snake capable of thinking?

After a few debates on here and other fourms, I can't help but think that most people believe herps are not capable of thinking outside of basic instincts because of the little or lack of reactions they get out of an animal on certain situations.. Also the reduced cerebral cortex in some specimens. Now from what Ive read and what I could find (Cant do much research now because my computer has officially turned ********) all the studies are based with physical testings. Which is good to see if a herp can solve problems and whatknot but somewhat limits the fact that snakes may be actual thinkers. ( A few test agree snakes are capable of problem solving ). I was curious, after watching a show done with humans and monkeys that done studies of Brain wave activity (EEG) to see what we think about and how we react to several areas on several subjects. Basically it was showing how us and the monkeys thought. I couldnt help but notice any reason why we dont do this on other misinformed animals (If they do, oops). It could quite possibly help with the million dollar question.. That's what I got out of the show anyways.. Any thoughts?
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