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Unhappy Panacur

Well I took Lucrecia (my BRB) to the vet today. I almost forgot the stool sample. It's a good thing I went back for it tho. Turns out shes in perfect health...except for pin worms.

The Vet said pin worms are don;t feed directly off the animal, but he has seen them kill adult animals. He perscribed .2mg of panacur to be injected into the prey item once a week for 4 weeks. Then a return visit a month after the last treatment for another stool sample check.

The vet also said, that pin worm is rather difficult to get rid off. Everytime the snake defecates I need to throw out all the bedding, and wash the cage out completely to minimize reinfection. So for the next few months I'm gunna switch over to paper towel, and I'll prolly set her up in a more simple cage this weekend.

I hope I'm successful at getting rid of it..

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