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Oh, and I forgot to add:

Own up to your mistakes. If you screw up, if you're in the wrong, it's up to you as a mature person (if you want to be a mature person, anyway) to admit it. It will make others see you as the bigger person, the one who can't be bothered to make a big deal and a big scene everytime someone points out a mistake you've made. In short: grow up, be a man, and deal with adversity like a person, not a whiny little kid who says everyone is targetting him - because that will get you NOWHERE.

And certainly don't blame your problems on other people. Maybe you didn't start the fight, maybe you did... there's no sense in blaming all your troubles on the teachers, the schools, and more pathetic yet, your COUNTRY (because you live in such a fine one as the United States).

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