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I was kicked out of every high school i went to, i ended up in Alternative Education and was kicked out of that as well.. Back then, i thought i was being picked on and that none of what happend was my own fault, but now, when i look back on it, i know that i was an idiot and that it was infact my own fault for what happened. You might think now that you're being wrongfully accused, but i doubt that's the case. Not just anyone can walk off the street and get a job at your school as a teacher.. And i hardly think that a teacher would just accuse you of stealing a paper clip.. I think the teacher would rather just forget about something so miniscule then sit there and accuse a 15 year old of stealing something that can be replaced by returning a beer bottle.. If you don't want things like this to continue while you're in school, lose the 'i don't take sh*t from anyone' attitude, you'll find that you'll make it a lot further in school and life...
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