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Ok this is going to be long and boring and hard to read lol

Ok it all started in the 3 grade when a 6th grade frind Talked me into spray painting the school( I no it was my disicion that no one chose it for me) Well i got in alot of trouble for that one but then when that was all over i got into little bits of trouble ( talking in class,being late, not doing what i was told you no little stuff like that) then i got into the 6th grade and there were these two 12foot tall rullers in the cort yard so we started jump up and kicking them to see how high we coould get and Suposivly we dented them up and they charged us with distroction of school proporty so they sent me to a alternative juvinal education program for 3 weeks called ACES well i completed the program and then i started juniour high wich you no i got dsitintion and iss for fighting ect... and then i got into it with one of the teachers and cussed him out ( wich was a big mistake) and i got all kinds off trouble and started home schooling then i started another alternative program called south plains academy and now i am faced with getting kicked out of there ( althoug there wer a couple other schools i had problems with this is the most part of the story thx

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