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Lisa, the clip is not the issue here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I could shot by the time I could walk and yes my father gave it to me. When I was in first grade I took some shot gun shells to school, wasnít a big deal back then, but my grandfather still beat the hell out of me. I knew better when I done it, just thought I wouldnít get caught. And when I did, I knew it was my fault. And when I got my butt kicked for it, I never did it again. Jay doesnít seem to comprehend that he has to take responsibility for what he does and be in subjection to authority. Man, its cool you can shoot. I love it! But in todayís Democrat controlled schools, you canít carry that hobby into there. I think you knew better as well. You got caught, now cowboy up and take your punishment. You know itís your fault!!!
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