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Well actualy all of the teachers from from 3 of the schools that i had trouble in have been fired for horassment and neglagence to teach so if that dosent say somthing to yall then i dont no what dose Thx
You can throw up excuses all day long Jay. Perhaps that makes you feel better, but does that keep you out of reform school? Nope! What will keep you out is learning to respect authority even when you do not agree with it. Man, I butt head with Jeff and some of the others even here. There are things I like to talk about that they will not allow. Who do I hurt if continue to buck the authority? Only myself. Who are you hurting? Only yourself. That teacher will not loose a wink of sleep if they ship you off. The burden is on you to make this right, and you better do it Monday. I have already told you what to do, now go do it.
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