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Gored Fuzzie

So my reptile hasn't taken food in a month. I think it is cause now that the mice are older they make for more of a challenge to catch.

So this fuzzie/hopper matured over the past 2 days in the "den" opening both of it's eyes, and running around, jumping out of the feed tub I use. the lil guy had so much energy I decided to let it live, and tossed it in with a pet mouse I have.

well I hear all this squeeking, and whining, I go check on the new room mates, and my pet mouse (male)has mauled this little guy pretty bad. Cut it open good. 3 major lacerations on it's stomach area. Keep in mind this mouse has never bit me, and I have kept it as a pet for almost a year now. I won't go further, . . except to say I resqued it from the attacker. Then it died in my hand.

then I took it back and tried again to feed the snake (with tongs), My Saul was very interested all of a sudden. It went straight for the cuts, and tried to eat the hopper *** first. Then moved toswallow the propper end.

Cool story I thought.

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