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Exclamation Lost & found!

Well, it finally happened... My first snake escape!

I discovered one of my corn snakes missing from her enclosure yesterday. Twas Alice my anery that pulled the houdini on me.

For some reason, I didn't panic and worry much. After reading all the corn escape stories here and how they were found, I knew she would pop up sooner or later. Besides, after looking everywhere that I could at the time. There wasn't much I could really do until nighttime.

I checked around the place during the night with a flashlight a couple of times and nothing. It was completely moot for me to set up some "traps" for the snake as I have tons of electronics already that have nice warm secluded spots. I also have 2 rat cages so a food trap can't compete with those!!! Of course I kept a close eye on those and around them.

Woke up this morning and looked around again... nothing. I sit down in front of the PC with my morning coffee and not 2 minutes later I hear a commotion in the other room. I run there to find my Alice in the adult rat cage!

I get her out instantly but not before her suffering some damage from the rats. She got bit a few times on the lower half of her body, a good 4-5 times...

She is now back home in a very clean and basic setup on paper towels. No more bleeding and she looks alright, still trying to get out the little bugger! You'd think she'd have learned her lesson!!!

Glad she did this when I was awake this morning. If she would have done it just a few minutes earlier or during the night, the rats would have killed her for sure... Not that I really blame them but it would have really sucked.

So, that's my recent adventure! LOL

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