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Wily Croc Evades Aussie Hunter In Hong Kong

A wily crocodile has beguiled Hong Kong and the Australian hunter sent in to capture it.

Chinese media have relished in the story, running countless photos of the croc with its jaws open wide or swimming in the dirty water. The reptile has evaded capture for more than two weeks.

The latest hunter, from Australia, had bragged he would just "walk in and grab" the croc. That was before he started hunting it last week.

Now the crocodile farmer said this animal is "turning into the most difficult one."

John Lever didn't even spot the reptile in his last four-hour hunt -- his fifth attempt to net the first wild croc seen in Hong Kong.

Lever spooked the animal on Tuesday when he got within harpoon range but brushed grass in which the crocodile was hiding.

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