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hmMMMMmmmMMMmmmmMMm ya think you could handle all this woman????
I would love to ‘handle’ you. =)
Maiden: seriously man, everyone knows its fixed
What are you talking about?
I think think that Clarke should wrestle Chuck. If Clarke wins then we will all admit wrestling is stupid and stop watching it...but if Chuck wins we never have to read another anti-wrestling post from Clarke again. Mainly because Chuck is going to tear off both of Clarke's arms so he won't be able to type anymore
This could be a first for me, killing a career before it even starts. =)
also chuck, no venemous snakes plz
Those were the days. Who here was watching back in the early 90’s when Jake the Snake would carry a King Cobra to the ring?
hey chuck i was looking at the pic site... i saw the iron sheik... it sure looks like him but the pics arnt that great... is it really him?? and also what other famous wrestlers have u met??
Yes, that was him. =) we worked together in 2001. I have met most of the wrestlers that you see on TV at one time or another. Earthquake, John Tenta works for me now. I see Abdullah the Butcher quite a bit. Kane lives about an hour north of me. He is close friends with my cousin, who is an Indy worker like me.
come on guys, stop kidding yourselves. i could take chuck with one arm behind my back and my eyes closed
Your mother will cry when she sees what I have done to you!!!
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