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I'd like to see how a catfish could be annoying.
Tammy- 28 toads?? What kinds?
All one kind. They're actually great basin spadefoots. I'm breeding them this spring for the Vancouver aquarium. (Yes, I know they're illegal to keep and breed, but I didn't know what they were when I got them.) I'm not going to let them go now, because they eat off tweezers and are not used to predators anymore. They just let me pick them up and don't even care at all.

They're the neatest little toads though! I was trying to get the desert centre in our area to take them, but they already have a population and were reluctant to add more toads to the area. So... i'm keeping them as pets, and when they breed (which I can't really prevent) i'm donating some tadpoles to the aquarium for a display. They can't seem to find any anywhere else. They're great little guys.

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