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Yes the pipe heat tape is very different and dangerous. I won't use it even on our pipes because it burned down my cousin's home one winter. They tried to claim that it was probably worn and old, but it had just been installed in the fall so we're sure it was a short!

Mike the reason I stated that about 'heat tape' is because he asked the difference between 'heat tape' specifically and 'flexwatt' in particular and there are some non-specific, non-name brands that call themselves heat tape out there in the home centers and those are just the kinds that burned down my cousin's house. Very nasty stuff.

We have the Flexwatt and love it. I need to check on this other name brand that Jeff mentioned.

How much do you guys know about 'pig blankets' and their relative costs and saftey issues? I've been thinking about getting those because I can pick them up at the feed mill in town, any thoughts?

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