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Since they are ground boas their first food of choice is lizard. Your best bet is to scent them with Anole. Just rub the pinky all over with an anole. There are *other* methods people use. Not very commonly practiced (actually Ive only heard of this lizard slurry technique being used once) is to blend up a f/t or f/k anole and smear the pinky with some of that, or the simpler version of just cutting part of the anole (nose or wherever) and smearing a bit of blood on the pinky.

If you want to skip the lizard scented rodetns you can try them straight away on live pinky mice. Make sure they have plenty good burrowing to hide out in so they feel secure (in a small tupperware works best) and just drop a live pinky in at night. That should owrk well, I would try that method before scenting with lizard and if they dont take that then I would move to scented pinks. If that doesnt work you can try braining prekilled pinks (live Jeff mentioned).

Good luck and lets see some pics of the little kids!
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