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Bats are frequently liked by herpers. Unfortunately they can't be kept legally most places.
They are also extremely high maintenance.
I must recommend never taking possession of any form of wild bat.
Here's a little story for your amusement.

I once had a pet little brown bat. I "rescued" it from a petstore

I had it for a few months, and it was eating me out of house and home. ( I think about 1000 crickets every two weeks)
It got me in loads of trouble, and after it accidentally bit me, it had to be euthanized, there was no option for me to simply receive the Rabies shots. I was forced to either surrender the specimen voluntarily, or have it seized forcefully, under provison of law. So I surrendered it...This is where the story gets strange.

I was instructed to take it "Alive" "in a little container"to the local health authority.

When I did, the margarine container I had the little guy in, started bouncing on the counter...
They flipped right out, and said "it's not alive in there is it?"
I said , yes, I was told to bring it in alive and you guys would look after everything.
Well, they hit the bloody ceiling, and yelled at me and called me every name in the book. Then they asked who told me that, and I gave the guys name....Then they called him every name in the book too.
Then I had to fill out a ton of forms, and while I was writing, a woman was watching me from a distance, and suddenly gasped, and said.
"Oh my god, is that where it bit you????"

I looked at the many red puncture marks she was referring to, and realized it was the opposite hand to where the bat nicked me.

I looked her straight in the face and calmly said..."No, that's just a Boa bite"...."The bat bit me on this hand" should have seen her face

Anyway, I was a celebrity for a while, having every health authority in the country contacting me at work every hour of the day...and asking if I felt OK. Sometimes I wasn't sure if this was a rhetorical question or real concern.
I also found out something you all should realize.
Once you start showing signs or symptoms of Rabies...
Apparently you're too far gone to be cured.
As Johny Carson used to say " I did not know that"

Silly me was thinking if I started to feel weird( like weirder I guess lol) I would seek medical help at that point, of course I would have been toast if that scenario had of played out

Anyway, the bat was euthanized, and the brain irradiated and examined, and tested for Rabies. (they must use the brain for this, apparently)
I requested to just be given the shots to save the animals life, but it doesn't work that way, because they dont just give out those shots...(they are too expensive to give on a maybe)

The test results came back....NEGATIVE.....
I was fine....the Bat was DEAD...end of story

The moral of the story.
Don't play zoo keeper with wild bats... it's not fair to them
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