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ok man that is the coolest thing! i thought u were just bluffing when u said u were a wrestler...
yeah, you are new. All the old heads know it.
i like the belt and blood pic out of em all.
Itís my favorite as well. I love to work Abdullah the butcher style.
so u just work for any indy shows or what?
Iíll wrestle any where that is paying. =)
i wanna keep an eye out for ya on the net...
so whats ur finisher??
Spike piledriver, called the career killer.
and what title is that? is it the heavyweight title?
Yes, that one was the RCW heavy weight title, in the tag pic those were SECW world tag belts
sorry for so many questions but bloody pics get me excited!
Yeah, I think they excited Marisa too. Ha ha
lol!!! Thats awesome Chuck!! Sheesh man you dont look rowdy at all in your avatar but you sure do look mean in those tights!! lol!!
Coming from you, that means a lot. Ha ha
LOL ok well ill get him to look into it
who knows maybe ill look into it too
I know how to kick a little ***.........
I may look like a girly girl but remember looks are almost ALWAYS deceiving.
I will defiantly be happy to train you. =)
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