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omg, I sent it to my science teacher, and well, I wasin his computer room today at school, and Like I went on this sight, and my two friends came in and they were like Whatcha doin and all that stuff, so anyways, I said to them *as I turned up the speakers really loud* Here, I am going to have you try and find the snake in this picture, and they were all like ,OK. So then I left the room and closed the door. One of the girls was really close to the computer. *hee hee* and well when I walked out, I went by my science teacher, and I was watching them through the glass that shows to his room. The girl who was watching VERY closely, JUMPED like 5 feet outta her chair it was SOOOOOOOo funny, I was cracking up!!! LMAO!!!! well, though that I would tell ya that!! Buh BYE!
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