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I have yet to see anyone here mention the chance of hand injury by starting off on an acoustic Guitar first. New players do need some time to gain hand strength and flexability in thier fret hand an acoustic with a high action can be hell on the hands and lead to handstress. Baz you said your friend was a female and that means small hands for the most part so a thinner neck should be the best choice to start out with. Acoustics have thicker necks for good reason ( more mass = more sustain) Strat style necks (curved fret board) are much eaiser to play and are less stressfull on the fret hand. Flat wide necks (Charvel Kramer and newer Ibanez ) are made for players with a very light touch so gorilla grip is not nessary. 21 or 22 frets is more than enough frets and encourages students to learn how to bend to acheive the higher tones (Ie 24 frets or more) I too like cranwill have a custom shop strat ( bought in 86 best 2 grand I ever spent) I have found that nothing is more versitile than a strat ( you see them played from country music all the way up to metal) Yup tim telie's are sweet and that will be my next one I figure. I have owned most of the big name guitars over the years and not one of them remains (except for the strats) and a tacoma acustic. The choice baz is up to your friend (and her wallet) I wish her luck.

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