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I spent a pile a few years back on a custom US Strat and I don't often regret it. The only times I DO regret it is when it needs a set up. No one has mentioned a Telecaster yet. My dad has a sweeeeet Tele. Nice guitars.....

Anyway, the best advice you've gotten so far is to shop around and find something that you enjoy and find easy to play. Electric or acoustic, doesn't matter. Both have ups and downs. Sometimes I like to sit on the couch and watch tv while I play guitar and my strat is so nice and quiet compared to my acoustics... my kids don't even tell me to stop playing!

The people who say to get an acoustic because they are harder to play have a point but if it's too hard to play, your fingers will get really sore and you might not want to even go through the trouble of playing after a while. It should feel good to play, not hurt. A guitar that is really hard to play probably isn't a very nice guitar anyway...

Just take someone with experience when you shop to check out the intonation and stuff. No matter how good you are, a guitar with terrible intonation will make you sound a lot worse! :P
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