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I've played a few ibanez guitars, a friend of mine has an early 80's destroyer and an early 90s rg. The destroyer has 3 humbuckers and it's black. Looks mean, but its heavy as hell, and the neck gets super sticky (maybe I sweat too much?? lol)

The rg is a wicked guitar though. I think its a 550, I've also tried the cheaper entry level rg's they started cranking out the last couple of years and wasn't really impressed. I've busted my thumb across a couple of soundgear basses as well, nothing but praise for these guitars.

I actually picked out an old ibanez electric/acoustic for my girlfriends xmas present today. Buying used isn't so bad, I've had a few guitars over the years and most of them used. Just make sure you take someone with you that knows their stuff and you'll get a decent guitar at a good price. For the price of a new Japanese Squire strat, you could pick up a decent mexican fender strat and actually have something worth selling if you decide you don't want it.

my $0.02
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