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Invictus, you may not like Gibson because they aren't quite as forgiving as the other wussy brands you mentioned. You mess up on a gibson, you hear it.

I've heard you sing, you must have an ear - so I am thinking you must be joking about the sound from a gibson.

But the person who made the point about learning on an accoustic to get a better ear for what is going on made the best point. I would suggest starting on an accoustic, you have to be a better player to be good.

When I got my first electric - I was like "wow, I sound just as good as.........".

One other thing about second hand guitars, pawn shops, truss bars and intonation - Truss bars and bridges can always be fixed - if you find a sweet classic gibson for a good price, you can pretty much get anything fixed on it for $500, and it very might well be worth more than 10 times that amount.

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