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Epiphones are good starter well as being the cheaper version of Gibsons. My guitar now is an SG replica Epiphone with original SG pick-ups, a bit used yet funtional guitar. BUT, not only will you need the guitar, but an amplifier is nessesary as well, and this is what needs a bit of importance laid upon. Your electric guitar will only sound as good as the amp it goes through.

An accoustic would be the best bet to learn on. Only need the guitar to hear whats played. How to play chords, building strong fingers to hold those chords and getting a better "ear" on what the guitar is producing sound wise are only a few things better picked up on an accoustic. After this, slapping on an electric is going to work out better results. You can always trade the accoustic in for an electric model down the road as well.

By the way, the Gibson SG freggin rocks, choice of Tony Iommi, Dave Murray and Andrian Smith, Angus Young....(and many others). It is hard to find a better guitar IMO. They sound great.
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