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how can you guys even talk about WWE lol, i watched that when i was like 10. you should really watch some mixed martial arts or martial arts that ISNT fake/staged. anyone from pride, ufc etc... could beat the crap out of goldberg or steve austin easily. i think theres only a couple people who were in WWF/WCW like ken shamrock who are actual good fighters
Two things: 1. Goldberg is lagit. He was training as a shoot fighter when WCW picked him up. 2. Professional wrestling training was the hardest thing I ever did, including college football. It was hard, and only the strong can make it thru.

I returned to the ring last Saturday in Chatsworth, GA. I lost my match by DQ when I put DL Adams in an Indian death lock around the ring post and refused to break it.
Last I heard he would be on the shelf for 8 months. =) Later that night, I decided to interfere in another match, I gave Johnny Slatter a spike pill driver, and I am not sure he will ever wrestle again.
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