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This is just my opnion, but If you have to use the same feeding box for all snakes it is a deffinate must IMHO to throughly clean before feeding another snake in the same box, Lets just say one of your snakes were to become ill, and they have all been in contact with the same container during this time. You could potentially have all your snakes become ill.

I use aspen in almost all my tanks and used to use feed boxes but as we have increased in numbers here, I find it far too time consuming to go through the motions of using feedboxes. I take a newspaper or large plate and put the food item on that inside the tank/encloseure(sp?) I have not found in any way that my snakes associate me with their food. Either one of my kids at any give time can reach in and handle the snakes except for right after a feeding of course. I just keep an eye on the snake to ensure it stays on the paper or plate, if the need be i gently move them back onto the feeding area so as they don't ingest substrate. It's fool proof my 4&7 yr olds do this with no problem and it' been working great for the past 7 months or so. just my 0.02$ hope this helps sorry for such a long post ohh and no it dosen't need to be heated(feedbox) as their only in there a couple hours.

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