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Tx Jim ..

You made me feel better.. I drive a jeep in Ottawa.. ****.. now you'll make me paranoid lol

Heres what I did .. I have a good sound system in it so I decided that I am not getting it stolen .. theres is over 100 large bolts holding the speaker boxes to the frame.. after wich there is over 200 screws (many different types as well) holding wire meshing and wire gard over the speakers so that it makes it hard to steal.. Pop off face plate for the cs player and on top of that I have a car alarm wich is In my mind useless as all u need to do to steal a car is pop the hood and cut one wire.. 3 seconds of alarm .. that aint gonna stop anybody.. I also use the steering lock thing .. again .. they can remove it but its just such a pain in the *** that I think the robbers will simply go to the next one ..

Anyway .. my idea is that if it would take me over 3 hours to remove all the equipment out of the car .. it would take the the same and there better to go to the nect car to steal..

It had worked so far...

BUT I never ever ever lock my doors... Heres why - one alarm will go off if opened - but if someones wants to get in your truck they will - Id rather them open the door then break a window or scratch the paint .. door locks are a jk to get through as well..

Simply don't keep glasses or money in your car..
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