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Bearded dragons are most definitely showing inbreeding problems, and there is some suspicion that cornsnakes might be as well. Beardies' clutch sizes and neonate sizes are on a steady decrease, incidences of lung and liver abnormalities are climbing, cancer and diabetes are starting to become bigger problems, and they are showing decreased resistance to parasites and viruses. When I first started working with bearded dragons in March 1985 it was not unusual to see 5 inch hatchlings, now it can be hard to find them over 4 inches long with good muscle tone. We used to consider an average clutch size to be 25-35 eggs and now the averages we see are 18-27.

Cornsnakes are beginning to show a lot of decreased virus resistance as well and there have been adenovirus and paramyxovirus endemics in cornsnakes. Lipomas, a type of fatty tumor, are also being reported in greatly increased numbers.
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