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All right class.....

Topic : Inbreeding. Here's a quote from Frank R. (sorry FRank! ) at on locality monitors and how they interact. What does this make you feel about "inbreeding" in captive reptiles. Put ALL biases aside and think purely from the standpoint of the quote.

Several years ago, I gave a talk on the cutural aspests of monitors. What "cutural" means here is, the behavioral particularities(differences) of any givin isolated population of the same species. That is, different populations of one species can and do have very different behaviors, such as shelter choice, food preference, etc. To a point of effecting physical traits, size and reproduction. This produces a tribal quality. For instance, one tribe will not reconize the other tribe as being the same. This is without question true with many species. On a side note, this may not be of importance to a scientist, it should, but it is of prime importance to a captive breeder. It should also be of prime importance when trying to understand species as a whole.
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