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Originally posted by Slannesh

As to the comments about why 'real' fighting is so much better... get a clue. Wrestlers train for years before they ever make it to TV and then spend countless hours making sure everything is perfect. Closest thing I can think of that it's like would be Circus de' Seoli (ack, spelling) You don't pull that stuff off without serious practice and dedication without killing anyone.

lol...apparently you dont have any idea what ''skill'' means. who cares if they train to be a wrestler, all it is is big muscles and learn how to do a few moves. any ufc fighter could beat the crap out of any WWE (with the exception of like 2) and that's what skill really is. mixed partial arts pros all train atleast 5 hours a day, each hour is something different. they could also beat any WWE in a pure grappling/wrestling match.
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