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While I'm not the expert on snakes or geckos, I can speak for the chameleon part anyways. Realistically they don't have any external ears, just rudimentary auditory areas inside their skulls behind their eyes. Due to this structure, they really can not hear all that well and only detect low sounds around 200 Hz. (whatever that means, I'm no scientist!)

Now chameleons almost completely rely on their sense of sight to survive. I would think that the noise wouldn't bother B.G. so much as seeing all the rapid movements and people he doesn't recognize. That would stress him more. I wouldn't put him down there.

There are points in time during the week when my reggae and soca shows are on the radio and honestly, it gets a little loud in here when they are on! Yah mon! My chams don't notice the extra noise, or maybe they are used to it, or maybe they just like the chunes too!


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