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Funniest Herp Stories

I'm sure everyone has a really funny Herp story, I just had one happen to me today, some of you heard about it in the chat rooms, but for everyone else here goes.

Sunday I got a baby normal burmese, I handled her(?) at the show for several minutes, opened her mouth, looked her all over, and she was as tame and good as can be. I get her home give her a few days to chill out, and everytime I pick her up she hisses, but makes no move to strike or even coils up for one.

Well Today I picked her up, again shes all hissy, and I pet her and evertually the hissing stops, and she relaxes and climbs up and down my arm and thru my fingers. I sat down at the computer and was reading the forums when I turned at looked at her in my left hand. I was greeted by a whole lotta pink mouth and white teeth just a few inches from my face. lol I think she was just yawning, but it still startled me a bit.

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