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Can noise bother them ?

I'm looking to add and/or move some vivariums in my house.

All of them are now on the 1st and 2nd floor of our home.

In the basement I play music, I'm a drummer.

Sometimes I play alone, other times with other musicians and it can get pretty noizy.

Me and my girlfriend are now looking for different spots to put some of our herp or new ones. We allways tried to avoid putting them in the basement since there are sometimes alot of noise. But we're kind of running out of space.

Do you think noise can stress, annoy or bother reptiles.
It could be geckos, chameleons, boas or pythons.

Gotta tell you a little story. One day this summer I was working on a glass tank modifying it to replace a glass side by a screen. And everytime I finisk working on a vivarium I allwayz like to stick my head in it in order to see what ther herp is going to see and by doing that I sometimes find spots that aren't scealled or spaces that are bigger from the inside then the outisde. Anywayz, in the same time I did that, a large truck passed on my street and boy did it sound loud !! It was really louder earing it from inside..

So this is why I'm asking this question today.. anybodys got anything they can tell me about herps being able to ear things or feeling low and high vibrations ???

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