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Well this was a year ago so I don't remember details perfectly. But I know the vet did bloodwork and nothing was mentionable in it. But I am not sure if mineral deficiencies are checked out normally or that's something "special" you ask for. But he mentioned everything looked fine in the fecal and bloodwork.

The snake was WC and wasn't feeding. Took him to the vet about two weeks after getting him here, and he had already gotten that much in him, once he was cleared out of that substrate we housed him on paper towel. He started eating two weeks later, had 5 meals, then I found him dead. It was my last experience with WC for a long time to come!

I am a little suspicious of the vet though, its a highly regarded vet locally but they gave me flagyl for him even though his fecal showed up clear...not sure if they did this because of the substrate or the fact he wasn't feeding. But it taught me a good lesson.

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