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There's been a rash of car thefts all over the US lately. I used to see it happening to other people, but now I'm seeing it happen to my friends.. and eventually it will happen to me if I am not careful.

These thieves are getting sneakier and sneakier. Even stealing cars with alarms-IE: they know how to bypass most alarms now!

They are also getting more gutsy. The mall on the other side of town has been having random cars stolen MID-DAY. Usually while people are at work, or after the car owner gets back from lunch. NONE of the cars have been found yet except one, and there is an interesting story behind that one..

Basically the car was stolen from the mall's parking lot. Thieves drove it to some remote location and parked it, pulling parts off it. Neighbor noticed weird activity, walked up with a gun, a cellphone, and a dog. Held the thieves at bay (all vietnamese) called cops on cellphone.

Police arrive, say they cannot arrest the thieves as they have no proof they stole the car. Uh, yeah. Nice.

Same thing happens everytime someone is caught driving a stolen car here. They do not get charged because no one can prove they stole the car. We found this out when a roommate of ours stole TWO of our cars in succession-one before we knew she was a freak, and one the day we told her to get out.

Its going to keep happening as long as the US has laws that protect criminals. I wonder what ever happened to "In possession of stolen property constitues you stole it!"

*shakes head*

Not to sound racist or anything, but our police dept. recently did a racial survey on crimes committed-most have been committed by vietnamese or illegal mexican immigrants. Really sad.

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