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I was only ever bitten once, and it was by my first sanke, Casper, an Albino Cal King. And it was totally my fault, trying to push her rock flush with the wall, and well used my middle finger to brush away some jungle carper blocking me. Needless to say the little "come hither" movement mny finger was makin gmust have been appetising cause he latched on good and fast!

I pull my hand out holding up my middle finger (hee hee) and called my now Ex, then Fiance into the room, and he FREAKED! finally got him off me with a butter knife, and my ex put him in a box (while wearing have garden gloves) and took him back to the shop.

I was devastated, all that and he was just hungry. When we brought him back the shop went to feed him (they put in a live mouse, I fed F/T) and he just swalloed that thing like nothing, he actually ate 2!

I wanted to take him back, but the Ex said no. so that was it for Casper. I miss him terribly, and it wasn't his fault.

My current BF is cool with my snakes, he actually picked out our second one, and neither one of us would return a snake for bitting so if it does happen again, well I won't have to worry about trying to get it off my by myself and hiding the wound
If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?"
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