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I must say that the store I work at is very good as far as stores are concerned. It's by far the best one Ive been in. All the animals are kept clean and well fed. Poop is cleaned out daily, water bowls cleaned daily, and tanks thoroughly cleaned (scrubbed, etc) 1x a month, or sooner if it needs it. Even if it means we have to do it 10 times a day, water in bowls must always be clean. Crickets are gutloaded with cricket food, and all our feeder insects are dusted with miner-all at every feeding. Can't tell you how many compliments we get "your animals are so clean and healthy" "i cant believe it doesnt smell in here with all these animals" "so much cleaner than other stores" etc etc. Hehehe...we even have employees from other pet stores coming in and commenting and getting advice from us.
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