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If you don't have much income at present, I wouldn't recommend starting off a breeding operation with beardies. Before they are big enough to take 1/2 inch crickets each hatchling can go through 100-150 crickets a day. One female can have multiple clutches from just one mating session. My Monet gave me 168 eggs last year. I only incubated 67 of those and froze the rest but had an $88 a week feeder insect bill for months.

That's a lot of bugs and unless you have a reputation most people will not pay enough money per beardie to let you recover your feeder insect bill. So first-time breeders are left with a difficult choice, dumping them off to a pet store when they are too young to sell, underfeeding them and risking them mutilate each other, or taking a financial loss for the love of the hatchlings.
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