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Don't worry.....everything legit.........It is a pain in the *** keeping all the receipts for tax time. When you are a "small" breeder you don't have to keep track of anything because they are "pets". But, when you start making money at it and have to start paying tax on it then it's a whole lot extra paperwork. I'm actually afraid to file my taxes this year because it's going to be a real hit in the wallet! Oh make more so the government takes more. You also have to remember that I have a lot of expenses as well which goes against your income. I'll have in around $40-50,000 in expensese this year as's not cheap keeping 300+ snakes!

Ralph Davis is going to feel a hit too......he's done a couple million in sales on snakes..........that is public info as he posted at on one of the forums recently.........I'd hate to see his tax bill!

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