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Amazing Vet Experience

Well I decided to take my bp to a different vet, since the first vet didn't seem to know jack about herps. This new vet was EXCELLENT! He sat down and talked with my gf and I for a good hour. Showed us how to properly examine the snake and what to look for when it comes to parasties (internal and external) and things like this. He showed us how to properly soak (not as simple as putting your snake in a tub of warm water). While he was wiping the snake dry, she released a small urate, so he crushed it up and put it under the microscope and let us look at it and explained what was what. He also recommend a number of great resource websites for information. We also got to listen to the snake's heart and lung, and we learned where the snake's vital organs were. There is really too much to explain! Maybe this kind of service is normal for some, but I was VERY impressed!

He also gave us an article about captive chameleons and their deaths due to vitamin A deficiencies. Probably not an enjoyable article for cham keepers to read.

Oh, and we got out of there without spending more than $90, including a fecal exam!

This vet is located in Windsor, and is well worth the drive. If anyone would like his number, PM me.
Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians - Worldwide Listings <-- Highly recommended.
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