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To clear up a few things about Air Canada. I just shipped Eastern Indigos from Calgary to Montreal the other day. If the flights booked are heated you DO NOT have to sign any waivers & they will still insure it for you. If you choose to ship on unheated flights they will require a signed waiver & will not insure. My snakes made it just fine despite an 8 hour stopover in T.O. The airline changed the plane (T.O. - Montreal) to unheated in the am so they had to wait for the next heated flight (8 hours DOH!, but they guaranteed a heated storeroom for the wait). I knew about the change prior shipping, but they will sometimes switch on no notice. When I orginally talked to Cargo in T.O. they wanted to refuse the shipment or wanted 2 waivers signed & refused to insure it. They also wanted me to pay $150 for someone to "watch" the animals during the 8 hour stopover, yeah right! When I went to the cargo desk in Calgary they treated me like gold & fixed up all the errors made/stated by the lady in T.O. Make sure you book directly through the Cargo desk from the shipping point because the people in the office in T.O. don't have a frigging clue. They did not even want to take the booking, but the people at the desk in Calgary went out of their way to make it happen & happen properly. I would wait until spring if it is an option, but if you have to book be very specific & clear about details to the airline & make sure the snakes are extremely well packed. Mark I.
P.S. it was $112.89 insured
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