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I am verry happy for you. As a first episode I would do a walk through of herps in a general sence first.
Basic habitate conditions and such do not jump in let the public know that herps are easy to house E.I rubermaids coustom built enclosures and such or you will see a wave of impluse buys in the Ontario Quebec are. That is just My personal oppinion.

I would start by listing the most comen reptiles known to ppl Boas, Pythons, colubrinds.
Iguanas, Anolis, berded dragons and such...
dedicat a few min with a Arachnide care sheat every week.

that can easaly cover 4 weeks of info at 30 min a pop.

then warm into keep them as display animals like "fish" frist then show how some can be "Pet's" show them the expensive way to keep them first.

then you can have a 1 hour X-mas special LOL and ask a reputable breeder if you could make a special on captive husbandry and keeping of large collections

Chose your host wisly. cause he/she will be the image the general public will relate to the right way of herp care. Then you could make your home made cage segment cause ppl will know how to set up expesive aquariums and stuff so when you show them how to make large cages for less $$$ chances they will use what was taught in the previous segments to make the proper dicissions for caging decorations and so on well I do not wana preach to you on how to construct your first season and such just a few ideas that came to mind I will be more then happy to help you fill in 30 min on a topic just Pm Me if you get wrighters block and want some frech ideas or if you are uncertin about what you should open with for your first few episodes.

dont jump to all the cool stuff first LOL or your carrier will be short lived cause you will not know what to put up in 3 monts time.

Take care and good luck but above all have fun if you can have fun the public will have fun with you and you will have a positive out come.

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