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A fellow friend and breeder I know makes about $140,000 a year, and holding down a full time job (60+ hours a week) as well. Another aquaintance of mine makes ***a lot more*** than that out of his own shop, but he went to KU and has a zoological degree, head of a herptelogical society among other things, and worked extremely hard and knows about everything there is to know about herps under the sun. These guys make up a small percentage of folks that do this well, and not everything is about money to them either (they just do a darn good job and love what they do). They took their time and went to school, worked hard at a full time job.
Fact is, most breeders have a day job and breed just for shear interest in herpteculture. It is not something they do to make big bucks, and most of what they make goes back into food, supplies and other expenses. It takes money to make money!!!!
If this is something of your interest, by all means work hard at it as a hobby. After time and experience is gained, you will start to do better and enjoy it more. Nothing can be rushed with a lack of knowledge of the specifics it takes to make it.
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