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Talking I'm going to be on TV!!!

My father worked at our local TV station in North Bay for a while and has very tight connections. I was talking to him about what I could do PRIOR to openning up my business here to make myself more well known in the community. And he told me that we could give me a TV show dedicated to reptiles! Can you believe it?

I have to, however, plan how to make 28 minutes and 30 seconds of reptile talk interesting. I can also bring a video camera to places like Little Ray's and some of the Reptile Expos and do shots of them.

I think this will be really good. Also I contemplated doing some "how-to" shows. Like how to build your own custom enclosure. How to build an incubator. How to decorate your tank with things from home. Stuff like that.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

I'm so excited!
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