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*shrug* I don't see why campuses should allow people to keep pets. The buildings are a part of the college, they aren't condos. If you want to install a jacuzi and tear down walls and own snakes and caimens then get your own place. Not everyone is cool with snakes, just like not everyone is cool with dogs, and if you're living in a big building with many people (and roommates) who are going to college too, they shouldn't have to deal with that. How would you like it if they allowed dogs and you were terribly allergic?

Logically, there is nothing wrong with keeping snakes if you're responisble... most stay smallish, don't cost much, easy to care for, don't stink etc, but you always run the risk of them escaping which isn't cool for the other people there. I dunno, some places you go you need to deal with the rules. Part of life...

Is there nowhere they can live for the years you are in college?

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