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It's funny you mention that, we've noticed the same thing here, for instance sub adult ball pythons in TEN gallon aquariums with hides that they can't fit their full body in even coiled, tiny kitty cat water crocks, astroturf and hot, hot, hot heat lamps on the screen tops. They look like me after a really bad burn when the peeling stage hits! It's awful and I've tried reasoning with a few of them to move to larger enclosures and offer humidity boxes and larger water bowls but to no avail!

They should know better if they're selling these animals and ignorance is no excuse with regard to the 'law' and neither should it be with regard to husbandry of animals whom you fully intend to profit from. What really burns my hide though Kurix, is that I've reported the 'really bad ones' to the national branch of the ASPCA with no result and I fully illustrated the problems with one store, one being cases of mouth rot, RI, and what appeared to be broken bones in reptiles to them. I reported horrid conditions like feces and flys in water so cloudy that you couldn't see the bottom of the crock and a full sized yellow head Retic in a cage so small that he could coil up and the poor fellow was covered in flies and the cage was full of feces! NOTHING, not one thing was done! I'm still so angry that I could scream. These people were even mixing species in the same enclosures, for instance rainbow boas with columbians and in one instance I saw a boa in with small pythons and what appeared to be a cribo in with BRB's!!! It was awful.

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