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I'm assuming, Mike, that your last post is in response to mine, although you don' t say that specifically, and I have to confess to not understanding some of what you say. The phrase 'evil animal killing politicians' has gone over my head! What are you talking about?!

Anyway nevertheless... sorry to offend - I did say 'regardless of politics'. I'm observing 'events', and perhaps, in hindsight, I should have put a big 'IMHO' disclaimer on my post.

And I certainly don't want a 'debate' and I'm not going to rise to the jibe about the oil, which I note you couldn't resist! The fact is that the ordinary people in many parts of Iraq, at this moment in time, are in a terrible state. They ATE all the animals in Bagdad zoo, for goodness sake, because they had no food!!! Nothing there to debate. Just an 'interesting' fact.

And none of my whinge was in any way aimed at anyone else's 'opinion' (I am in fact agreeing with most of the previous posts on the matter), rather at the 'people' in general (including myself!), who are on the cushy side of the rich nation/poor nation divide. I added my 'opinion' to the previous contributions, which were already comparing the various perceptions of different cultural practices, and how easy it is for us to sit behind our computers railing on about someone in a far-off land doing something we instinctively feel is wrong/not nice/strange, whatever.

To sum up the point I was trying to make in a much more succinct way;
I think that we individuals in the Western world cause more environmental harm each day than the individuals in less fortunate societies. IMHO, that is, since I can't be bothered to trawl for facts and figures.

Oh, yes, and whilst I agree wholeheartedly that politics are not welcome on this forum (and this is enforced by the moderators), I think this topic was about wildlife, the environment, and culture, and I stand by my comments, being that they are MY opinions. I certainly have no problem with others disagreeing, but please don't twist my words and then tell me what I should and shouldn't bring up. Thanks. And sorry to everyone else.

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