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agree. I mean we are all entitled to our opinions. I mean yes it is true, likeone member said, we eat cows, and cattle are reveered in some countries (India for example), we also keep dogs as pets, but some countries breed dogs for food (Korea)

Now this is the point, we breed cattle for food. yes, but to someone whose culture reverrs cattle, well that still may not feel right, personally just because Korea 'breeds' dogs for food, does not make that ok in my mind, it is still disturbing to me. I understand it is their culture, but I still don't agree with it. I don't put them down because they do it, just if ever I went to Korea, well, I wouldn't eat dog.

So yeah that is my opinion. does not mean I am right or wrong, and yes I know 'how can I judge another persons culture when our cultures appear to be just as disturbing to another' well, I am sorry but it does. But I won't go around putting other people down because of their beliefs.

As for the Bonsai Kittens, ok, I was ignorant. I admitted that on my last post, I have no problem admitting I was wrong, but people calling me stupid because of it, well that is just plain rude and mean IN MY OPINION. I am sure that other people also may have believed it (even though a little word of doubt may have been present, the same voice may also say, well maybe....) and maybe even people on this SITE believed it... but they may not admit it. I did. But pleas, no need to call people dumb or put them down because they fell for a 'satirical joke'.

I'm out.
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