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Well, if the Western world, and North America in particular (because of scale!) don't reign in on their abuse of the whole world's resources, there won't be much in the way of wildlife to decimate any more!

Yes, there are examples of isolated populations of humans who wipe out key resources in their own environment and mess it up all by themselves (researchers believe this is what occurred on Easter Island), but the penalty is that the human population also dies out, or is reduced! Natural selection - or simply 'nature' - at work.
However, now that 'globalisation' exists, and humans, of course, believe they are above these laws of nature, the powerful nations fix the odds in their favour, intefere with all sorts of natural and political events, and generally end up stuffing it all up even more.

How did I get to this from a bloody snake in a bottle!? I don't know, but I guess it's the hypocrisy that galls me, that we don't like being face to face with 'unpleasant' things that other people do, but can shut our eyes and ears to the anguish we ourselves are causing by our 'culture' (cynical laugh at the use of the word culture!).

I agree with SCReptiles, why not give a donation to 'poorer' cultures, (if you don't already), and give them less reason to destroy their precious resources in order to survive!
Here's a good link - very easy to give, I just sent something to Iraq, since, regardless of politics, I am part of one of the nations responsible for the current plight of the normal, everyday people there... all because 'we' (America and Europe, not Africa, Asia, etc) need another few years worth of oil. Hmmm. That seems fair...?

Have fun giving...

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