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Too Many!!! Just kidding, you can never have TOO many can you????

6 chams, 8 bearded dragons, 3 redfoot tortoises, and 2 leopard geckos. We plan on getting 9 more chams (including 6 pygmy leafs) and 2 more beardies at the TARAS Show. Depending on budget and space - I wouldn't mind a crested gecko... but probably will wait until next year.

The leos are my seven year old son's. He has a gorgeous tangerine female - and he just bought a very nice high yellow male for her at the Red Deer Show. Since then - he's realized that babies tend to resemble their parents (originally he thought an "ugly" gecko would be fine for his "Peanut" - not realizing he would get some "ugly" babies). Now, he thinks she needs a tangerine male and the high yellow needs a high yellow female. So what we'll end up with by the end of the year - I don't know. His pockets aren't THAT deep!!

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